Making disadvantaged children the advocates for change in their communities

Two youth from London collaborate with NGO Nidan to train young boys and girls of Madanpur Khadar in the art of movie making It is a story of empowering children of a neglected informal settlement called Madanpur Khadar in the south east of national capital to become the advocates for change in their communities through innovative digital media. The children pick up the issues of social divide, pathology and economic-political exploitation, write

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Meet our Executive Director – Arbind Singh

With idealism and a sociology degree, in 1995 Arbind Singh founded Nidan, a nonprofit in northern India that has organized 60,000 street vendors and other informal workers into 19 cooperatives that pool resources and secure low-interest credit. One for-profit spin-off has turned "waste pickers into waste managers," he says, noting that the working poor have skills but lack strong institutions. "That is the missing link." Secure access to markets

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