Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development

About Ujwal Path
UJWAL PATH a platform created by NIDAN for existing & start-up enterprise from informal sector to take steps in huge markets to sale their product and services.
Ujwal Path is an initiative to help the existing and start-up entrepreneurs (18 to 40 age group) from informal sector and socially disadvantaged group in the local communities in Delhi. Through training of legal guidance and marketing linkage to take a step in the huge market through a platform created by Nidan called Ujwal Path, Ujwal Path is a journey in which the potential entrepreneurs will go through it, and shape their business idea as well as get training of business development and legal affiliations and marketing strategies. So that they may sustain their livelihood with better living standard.
Awareness generation: This Ujwal Path will spread awareness in communities among the informal workers, experienced. Identify organizations where we could reach out to potential entrepreneurs. We will Sign letter of co-operation with the organizations which have identified and maintain good relationship with them, invite them for our programs.
Mobilization: Mobilize the potential and skilled unemployed, dropout entrepreneurs to access the help from Ujwal Path for start-up and promoting their business and enhance the skills required for developing business.
Counselling: Those working in the unorganized sector face problems legally and financially are having back support by nidan. Council the potential entrepreneurs to give them a concrete idea and shape their business plan to start with a clear idea.
Training: Those are working in the informal sector face problems in accessing finance and legal affiliation, under the Ujwal path journey of developing business. The informal worker will go through the training of credit linkage and legal affiliations as well as understanding of the huge market concept.
Legal & marketing Support: The entrepreneurs will able to access credit from banks under business development schemes (Start-up India) and able to sale their product & services with the help of the huge marketing platform create by the Ujwal Path so that the entrepreneurs will work in an organized way and develop their business.
NIDAN shall not provide any monetary benefits to entrepreneurs for their enterprises, but will link them to financial institutions and technology partners to enhance their enterprise.

Ujwal Path is a start-up for huge number of existing & start-up entrepreneurs from informal sector in local communities, this platform will help to accelerate informal entrepreneurs to pull them in a huge market where they may promote their work, services and creativity through hospitality & marketing skills.
We invite business proposals from potential entrepreneurs directly through informal workers, vocational schools, training institution and well established grass root NGOs. We facilitate the complete application, screening and training.

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