Nidan began with organizing informal workers in Patna, the capital of State of Bihar and gradually spread to the entire state and then to almost the entire country. It used both the method of opening its offices directly and forging partnership with Community Based Organizations as well as established Trade Unions of Informal Workers organizations. In this journey, Nidan has worked very closely with multiple agencies – Government, multilateral foreign donors as well as Indian and International NGOs and Trust. A credible part of Nidan’s efforts has been that Nidan kept adding partners during its journey.

Nidan has worked with Foreign Donors like Ford Foundation, America India Foundation, Skoll Foundation, Oxfame, Plan International, Save the Children, Aga Khan Foundation, NOVIB, Friedrich Ebert Foundation and so on. It has also worked with India Trusts like the Sir Dorabjee Tata Trust. It has also worked with multilateral agencies like UNDP, UNICEF etc. With Government, it has worked at all the three levels of Government – Central, State and Municipal bodies – In fact; it receives a significant amount of support from government funding sources.

Nidan’s Growth Chart


Turnover INR Crore










12. 10


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