Labour Connect – Poor Man’s….Job Portal….Organizing Unorganized Sector ……

Poor Man's….Job Portal….Organizing Unorganized Sector ……

Poor Man’s…Job Portal…organizing Unorganized Sector …… is a joint initiative of NASVI (National Association of Street Vendors of India), and NIDAN.  We at believe that we should not view this blue color jobs (informal sector workers) as nuisance but should be seen as an assets for job creation and helping our economy to grow.

For blue-collar workers such as drivers, maids, cooks, and construction workers etc, finding out about the jobs available with various employers is often considered to be an arduous task and the employers, too especially urban population, struggle and sometime they don’t even find a right person they intend to fill.
To minimize this gap NASVI and NIDAN comes up with an idea of (Labour Connect). is a portal using web based application software to connect unorganized blue color informal sector to organized sector for better job opportunity and platform for informal sector workers to increase their livelihood by the use of technology.

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