NIDAN – Health

NIDAN - Health

Nidan seeks solutions in Preventive health – promoting Awareness, Hygiene Immunization, HIV/AIDS, Safe Water, Construction of toilets, Behavioral Change. Curative Linkage includes ‐ Health insurance, Health Camps referral services.

Under its holistic work approach, Nidan also works for promotion of positive health services through community level preventive as well as curative programme at various target areas. Special focus is being given to improve the conditions of the children working in the informal economy. Nidan is administrating a six bedded charitable hospital at Patna. Fore sighting HIV/AIDS as growing epidemic of India including in Bihar, Nidan has also initiated HIV/AIDS related activities. At present HIV/AIDS activities are being operational in two districts- Patna and Vaishali. Apart from more than 300 Nidan personnel, large number of community members and beneficiaries of Nidan’s various endeavors have been given training on HIV/AIDS and its prevention. In Vaishali district a status assessment study was conducted in coordination with WIZMIN, Kanpur based organization with the support of UNICEF. A HIV/AIDS resource centre has been also established at Nidan office to disseminate related information.

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