Team Nidan

Arbind Singh, Executive Director

Arbind Singh is a leading social activist, working with informal sector workers and their children. As Executive Director of NIDAN, he helps improve the quality of life of informal workers by enhancing access to legal aid, microfinance and insurance, promoting collective enterprises, and advocating for basic education and healthcare for their children. He initiated Nidan Swachdhara Private Limited (NSPL), which works on solid waste management in Patna, Muzaffarpur, Bokaro, Hissar, Delhi and Jaipur. He has exposure to several very well- known organizations in the world and has attended several international and national conferences on issues concerning his work.

As Co-ordinator of the National Association of Street Vendors of India(NASVI), he works with more than 5,00,000 vendors to protect and promote rights of street vendors by bringing together policy-makers, local authorities, the police, and street vendors at the local, state, and national levels. Presently, he is also involved in creation of network at the Asian level.

Arbind Singh is also Convener of the National Alliance for Social Security (NASS), a network of trade unions of informal workers, which is working aggressively to get the Social Security Act 2008 implemented across the country.

He is an Eishhenhower Fellow (2007) as well as Ashoka Fellow (2007). In his leadership, street vendors project was awarded the first prize at the Innovation Forum set up by the Government of Bihar (2007). He was also nominated as a finalist for Youth Icon Award in Social Work category (2009) organized by Sahara India and Witzcraft International. He was awarded by the Skoll Foundation (2012) at the Oxford University, UK.

Rakesh Tripathi, Senior Programme Manager

Rakesh Kumar Tripathi, Senior Programme Manager, His responsibilities include: Organizing and Mobilizing Informal Workers for their right to livelihood and Social protection; Liaisoning with different Ministries such as Urban Development and Housing, Labour Resource, Social Welfare, Bihar Rural livelihood promotional Society as well as Local Authority.

He represents Nidan to Bihar Government on the issue of Urban Poor (Poverty and Livelihoods and Infrastructure), provides leadership to Informal Workers under the banner of National Union of informal Workers (NUIW). He also looks after leadership development and Negotiation Skills, training to subordinates, Member organizations, developing manuals for Informal Sector Workers, Institution Building (like; society, cooperative, Union). He influences Policy makers for making Rules, Acts, Laws for Informal Workers through Conducting and organizing seminars/conference/Holding Rallies/Road Shows etc.

He is currently focusing on Reforming ICDS Systems related to Take Home Ration and advocates for Fortified Blended food for ICDS Beneficiaries. He is National Secretary of National Union of Informal Workers (NUIW). He has a Master degree in Political Science apart from a Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development (PGDRD).

Premjit Purushottam, Chief Financial Officer

Arvind Shukla, ESHG Coordinator

Shruthi, Associate Resource Mobilization

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