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Volunteering in India is a great way to spend time learning about a new culture, languages, and people, particularly indigenous people. It can show you a world with wonderful experience that you may not have imagined before. We provide for volunteers the most fulfilling experience and work opportunities across all over India. You can choose volunteering from various work fields including: Livelihood-Urban & Rural, Social security & Legal Aid, Financial Inclusion, Health-Preventive/Curative/Occupational Health, Sanitation, and Child Rights- Special focus on Education & Child labour, Renewal Energy, Collective Enterprises, human Resource Development, and Advocacy. Each project destination is unique in its culture, climate, people, religion, traditions and geographical conditions. With our experience and network across the nation, we provide you projects in accordance with your requirements. Our programmers are quite helpful, cooperative and accommodating.

We offer flexible time and date to start with — What date you can start, at what hours you can volunteer and on what days and how long you will be available as a volunteer (A month? Three Months? Six Months). We are open year round. Please make it clear that you are looking for volunteering without being paid for that.

Those who want to go through a unique experience and are willing to share her/his knowledge and experience can plan for volunteering in our organization.

Send us your email at info@nidan.in

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