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Syngenta I Safe – Initiative Farmers Health And Safety Awareness Program – Inculcating Safety Awareness for Farmer Empowerment with Syngenta

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The main objective of this project is to train 5000 farmers belonging to the Mandals of Adilabad district which are on the Maharashtra border. This I-SAFE program will focus on creating awareness among the farmers and Spray men on Personal Health, Hygiene and Safety and provide skills & knowledge on the safe usage of Pesticides in the identified villages thereby the farmers will adopt best practices in using the pesticides, disposal used pesticide containers to supplement their lifestyle by preventing health Hazards. Launch of I-SAFE Programme: I-SAFE programme was initiated on 21st, Oct 2021, & Nidan kick-started all the initiatives from that day. The programme was started by ZP’s Chief Executive Officer and Asst. District Agriculture Officer was also present. The project focused on –


-Collaboration with District Authorities: Nidan collaborated with the District Administration – starting from District Collector, Chief Executive Officer- Zilla Parishad, District Health and Medical Officer, District Agriculture Officer, and Dean – Medical College were briefed in advance on all our activities.


-Training farmers on personal hygiene and safety: NIDAN identified more than 5000 farmers in various Mandals of the Adilabad district and educated them on personal hygiene and safety measures to be taken at the time of spraying pesticides on the field.


-Training of the trainers: Training of the trainers (TOT) was & more than 10 trainers and 3 mobilizers participated in the session. A Subject matter Expert from the Agriculture sector conducted Train the Trainer session covering the content/slides to be explained to farmers, Spray men and families.


·      5118 farmers have attained knowledge on how to maintain personal hygiene and personal safety while using pesticides.

·      507 spray men are trained on personal hygiene and personal safety while using pesticides.

·      Farmers are trained on using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits while spraying pesticides, to identify the best quality of pesticides based on their hazardous, transport and safeguard pesticides before and after use, on reading labels which provide basic details of pesticides and the ratio of water quantity to mix and to wear proper protective clothing while spraying pesticides.

·      They are trained on using sign boards for fields that sprayed pesticides so that it will be safe for children and cattle.

·      Spray men are trained on how to clean their hands and body once pesticides are sprayed.

·      Farmers are trained on disposing of cans and bags of pesticides rather than using them as reusable products.

·      Villagers were trained on issues like Covid-19 and Locust attacks and methods to follow on

·      preventing them.

·      Wall paintings of the 5 golden rules have been painted on the walls of villages we trained so that the villagers will remain regularly.

·      Vehicle campaigns conducted in the identified villages created awareness among the farmers,

·      spray men and other key stakeholders in the villages

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Caution Notice (सावधानी सूचना)

This is to inform the general public that NIDAN Organisation having its office at 101-102, 1st Floor, Sagar Complex, New Rajdhani Enclave, Delhi - 110092 does not charge any fee for rendering any kind of social services from its beneficiaries and provides all services free of charge to the public.

यह आम जनता को सूचित किया जाता है कि निदान संस्था जिसका कार्यालय 101-102, पहली मंज़िल, सागर कॉम्प्लेक्स, न्यू राजधानी एन्कलेव, दिल्ली - 110092 में है, अपने लभार्थियों से किसी भी प्रकार की सेवाएँ प्रदान करने के लिए किसी प्रकार का कोई शुल्क नहीं लेता है और सभी सेवाएँ सर्वजन को नि:शुल्क प्रदान करता है।