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25 Years of NIDAN

In 1995, armed with a High Court order, the State Government undertook a massive anti-encroachment drive. Poor vendors were the ‘soft target’ and the administration focused on their eviction without taking any steps to rehabilitate them. They suffered more because of their unorganized nature. This senseless step evinced interest in those who were, then, part of Adithi. It was decided to galvanize this unorganized section and offer them formidable clout to raise their voice against state’s indifference and hostile stance.

 Around the same time Ela Bhatt of SEWA was trying to galvanize the civil society institutions to include issues of unorganized street vendors. She shared her concern with Viji Srinivasan who followed this by an important consultation with various like minded individuals/institutions. The response was electrifying and people expressed solidarity with this unorganized section of the society. Organization of street vendors became a project of Adithi. 

Coincidentally, Adithi was undergoing restructuring and Viji found this an opportune time to get an organization dedicated to this cause. So what began like a project of Adithi was immediately registered as an independent institution –issues of the street vendors.

 Nidan’s mission is to facilitate non-violent and peaceful collective action, directly as well as through networks and to create, activate and replicate structures and systems which cater needs of poor and deprived so as to eliminate exploitation and provide opportunities for maximum growth.

Our vision is to establish a just, democratic, non-violent society where the citizens enjoy their rights (of education, health, and livelihood etc) without any discrimination (on the basis of gender or class), live in mutual co-operation and perform their optimum responsibility without any hindrance.

Help Indian Micro-Entrepreneurs & Artisans to Revive Life Post Covid-19

A large part of the population is still suffering loss due to Corona. Have not yet recovered from the tragedy of Covid-19. Many people have gone back to their jobs or found a new one, but there are still many people whose small businesses have come to a standstill. Nidan is leading a group of micro-entrepreneurs, artisans, and weavers of Delhi & Patna city, this group is known as the ‘Self Help Group’. Members of this group are service providers and they are involved in small businesses like Achaar (Pickle)/Papad, Sewing-Knitting Artisan, Mechanics, Electronic repairing, Pottery makers, Plumbers, etc.

Since the lockdown, production has stopped completely and demand for the services got reduced. They are fighting hard for their 
livelihood, health, education, and safety of their family members. Largely Self-employed Craftsmen and Micro-Entrepreneurs are suffering the brunt of the pandemic as they are dependent on seasons; retail sales, and direct orders. Their savings have been exhausted to survive the pandemic.

The big problem is that nowadays people’s trend is moving more toward online shopping. Due to this, the demand for handmade items has decreased. For example – earlier the women of the street used to earn by sewing, but now people like to buy readymade clothes. There has been a shortage of work for small shopkeepers, repairing household goods, and service providers because most people have started finding it easier to take online services.

It continues to appeal to organizations, individuals, and platforms to raise money for relief distribution. Most of the artisans are out of work and micro-entrepreneurs are facing a severe cash crunch. The pandemic has literally shattered them and we are trying through this campaign to provide help as much as possible. The raised money will be distributed among
 200 members of Self Help Groups. Each member requires INR 10,000.00 to restart their businesses, pay shop rents, and buy raw materials for production, and wages of artisans. 

Nidan is a non-profit organization established in 1996 and is dedicated to working for informal workers and children. Today, Nidan on its own and through its offshoots has a presence in almost the entire country, especially in Delhi & Bihar. It has become a leading organization in India serving millions of underprivileged in the area of Education, Water, Sanitation, Skill Development & Livelihood, Health, Social Security, Financial Services, Organizing, Advocacy, and Legal Aid.

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