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Nidan Worked With SHG

SHGs Meeting:

Nidan started holding regular meetings with the selected self-help groups and also told them the benefits of the group.

  • Regular Monthly Meeting
  • Regular Saving
  • Practice of internal lending
  • Formation of SHG bylaws.
  • Maintain Books of Accounts
  • Awareness on govt. schemes

Linkage of SHGs members and individuals

Based on the details received through Google Form, Nidan started profiling each member and identified the gap in their eligibility for entitlements. We organized camps with coordination of Government Department and linked members with:


·  Aadhar Card

• Labour Card

 • E-Shram Card

• PAN Card

·  Ration Card

• Delhi Vidhwa Pension

• Delhi Vridha Pension

• Artisan Card