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Entrepreneurship Development Project

Nidan has been working with micro-entrepreneurs in Delhi on the project “Entrepreneurship Development Project”. The current engagement of Nidan is with the 2,000 micro-enterprises in Delhi.

       Mobilization – After awareness, we mobilize potential self-workers from low-income communities & made them realize to identify their need & issues in their respective work.

       Social protection entitlements – To ensure all its target groups have Aadhar cards, Ration Cards, Aadhar linked bank accounts, Enrolment in existing social security scheme etc.

       Work entitlements – To ensure that person has the necessary support particularly promised by the Government e.g. Udyog Aadhar Card, Registration under the Shop Establishment Act, access to Mudra loan etc.

Survey of Micro-entrepreneurs

Nidan collaborated with Tech Mahindra Foundation to provide livelihood training and placements to youth

Rotary – Training of teachers of upgraded Primary Schools under Global Grant project

Teachers were trained at the project school, Upgraded Government Primary School at Jinpura, Bihta, Bihar (India) to build basic teaching competencies of teachers deployed at the project school. The training pack comprises one introductory training pack (ITP) and four core modules (modules 1-4), developed around a simplified set of Teachers’ competencies. 

The four core modules are on –

Module 1 – Teacher Role
Module 2 – Child Protection, wellbeing and inclusion Module 3 – Pedagogy
Module 4 – Curriculum and Planning