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Serve Safe Food project aims to create awareness among street food vendors across India to get knowledge and Training on food safety & hygiene. In 2016, Project Serve Safe Food emerged as a collaborative effort involving NASVI, Nestlé India, and local Food Safety Authorities. The core mission was to equip street vendors with essential knowledge of food safety and hygiene practices while at the same time enhancing their livelihood prospects. Nestlé India’s determined commitment to ensuring food safety in collaboration with NASVI’s role as a champion for street vendors’ livelihoods.

  • The primary objectives of Project Serve Safe Food are as follows:
  • To promote sustainable food safety and hygiene practices among food vendors that enhance their livelihood.
  • To conduct interesting and interactive training sessions using audiovisual tools for effective knowledge transfer.
  • To provide training kits and certificates to the enrolled food vendors.
  • To certify the participant street food vendors that will help boost their business.

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